Let's work together

First of all, have a quick read about what I can do for you.

This year I’m charging for my work a little differently. I usually work out of my Wellington-based studio but while I’m travelling internationally, I’m recording people in their homes, rehearsal spaces, local halls etc. I’m not charging my usual rates, but instead coming to individual agreements based on the projects, sometimes even working for just board and keep.

I’m doing this so I can use my skills to see the world, meet cool people, get involved in local music communities etc. I also love the atmosphere of nobody worrying about money – we can experiment all we want, work weird hours and record any way we see fit.

So far, I’ve been working throughout New Zealand, Australia, and the UK (where I am now). In every place I’ve visited I’ve made life-long friends, produced radio-ready records, and generally felt very fulfilled!

If you have a single, an EP or an album (or anything cool!) you’d like me to produce, then hit me up no matter where you are in the world and we’ll talk details.

See my regular rate card here. (Not applicable for work in 2017. Prices are by negotiation.)